Let Your Generosity Soar This Giving Season!

The holiday giving season is here - it’s time to let our generosity SOAR!

And it’s the time of year we want to thank and acknowledge YOU, our valued donors and supporters, for creating change and having an impact on wild bird populations in the Ottawa Valley and beyond. For the past 40 years, we have been overwhelmed by the support, dedication and passion that our community continues to have for our most precious feathered friends.

Together, we are making a difference!

It’s also a time to reflect on the past year, look at where we were, where we are now and where we want to go. We'd like to share one outstanding story with you today to celebrate the true spirit of the season and your incredible generosity.

What do these four Barred Owls have in common?

In the past three months, all four of these beautiful Owls (victims of traumatic vehicle and window collisions) have been successfully rehabilitated at the Centre and released back to the wild because of YOU! That’s right, since we moved to our interim facility this past July, we achieved a 100% success rate, from rescue to release, with these particular amazing owls!
So how did this happen?

  • Larger, more spacious aviaries increases comfort and lowers stress levels
  • A dedicated raptor room means less noise and contact with humans
  • Investing in new equipment to better diagnose and assess injuries and illnesses
  • Improving avian care by investing in training and collaboration opportunities
  • Less need to transfer birds to other facilities disrupting their care

Over the past 40 years, since the founding of the Wild Bird Care Centre, Canada’s birds have been under attack. While some species are starting to recover, many are in steep decline. We believe that every bird saved, is a success for its species and for wild bird conservation.

Care and treatment of wild birds has also changed significantly over the years, and the Wild Bird Care Centre is committed to continually improving, developing and adopting new and improved practices to achieve better outcomes for the birds.

If we can improve the standard of care for these Barred Owls in just three short months at our interim facility, imagine what we can do together at our new advanced care centre in the future!

While this is an exciting time celebrate our successes, it remains a challenge for the Centre. The unexpected costs of moving to our interim facility and implementing life-saving improvements have impacted our capacity and the COVID pandemic continues to affect our day-to-day activities. YOUR holiday gift can make all the difference!

Will you donate to maintain higher survival rates for wild birds?

Here's what YOUR special year-end gift can do today!

This giving season, we invite YOU to choose the impact area of your gift and take action to save more birds' lives now and for the future.

* More information about the construction of our new facility, and room naming opportunities, click here.