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Provide a Nest Box or Nesting Materials

Building a nest is no easy task but we can make it easier for the birds with a few small actions.

  1. Build a birdhouse or nest platform to help birds get started. Use this website to find out if a bird you know is in your area and what type of next box they would like.

  2. Birds must collect a lot of different materials to make their nest. We can help the birds by collecting some nesting material and provide a one-stop shopping spot for them! Collect dead materials such as dried grass, sticks, pieces of vine, pine needles, and your dog/cat fur. Place a pile of these materials somewhere the birds can find them that is not too out in the open so they feel safe grabbing their nesting supplies!

  3. Many birds will use mud as a way to “glue” their nest material together. If it is a very dry spring mud might be hard to find. You can create a mud puddle with clean water or provide a shallow tray of mud to help the birds.

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