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Together we have an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a new wild bird hospital and education centre in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Region.

Your support of our building campaign will help us construct a much needed permanent facility on 17+ acres of land, located in a tranquil rural setting of Ottawa's West end.

We will continue to accept injured, ill and orphaned birds at our temporary location until our new facility is built, as per our protocols on our Contact Page.

The Centre treats thousands of birds annually, including over 170 different species of birds, many of which are endangered or threatened, such as this Red-headed Woodpecker. With birds in decline, every bird's life matters.

The Need for a New Centre

Over the past four decades, the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre has provided care for at least 175 different species of orphaned, sick or injured wild birds, and an astonishing total of more than 125,000 individual birds!

The old rented building on Moodie Drive was unable to be renovated or expanded and outdoor aviaries could not be added. Being beyond repair, and far too small to accommodate the ever-increasing number of birds arriving at the Centre, we moved to a temporary location on Cedarview Road in July of 2021. Although the temporary site is a step up from our old location, it still lacks many important features, outdoor aviaries, and is an expensive, limited-time leased space, making it an unfeasible long-term solution.
The need for our new, purpose-built advanced care facility is now more urgent than ever.

Vision of the New Centre

Featuring an energy-efficient design with 623 square meters of indoor space and inclusion of additional outdoor aviaries to allow free-flight, the new facility will provide quiet isolated spaces for recovering birds. Housing requirements for the different species admitted each year can be complex. Although some birds have longer stays with us than others, providing a suitable enriched environment for all the birds in our care is necessary to help reduce bird stress and risk of disease, and aid their recovery and subsequent release.

We are currently in Phase 1 of the project to construct our new, advanced facility which will be better equipped to meet the Ottawa Valley's increasing demands for emergency and rehabilitative wild bird care.

The new Centre will:

  • Ensure there is a professionally-run wild bird emergency care facility in the Ottawa Region.
  • Provide a high standard of care provided to injured, sick, and orphaned wild birds.
  • Include a large, modern treatment suite.
  • Include safe outdoor flight areas, where birds can gain strength and test their wings before release.
  • Continue to provide information and expertise about wild birds to the public.
  • Provide an informal, engaging interactive education centre where people of all ages can learn about birds, their habitats, and environmental stewardship.
  • Serve our needs now and well into the future for many decades to come.


Phase 1

The project's first phase is almost complete! With a well drilled on site, and a septic permit in hand, the Centre is currently in the process of finalizing the site plan approval, a necessary and complex step required prior to obtaining the building permit. Although we have experienced some timing delays, the project is going ahead, with construction expected to begin as soon as the site plan control is approved and related permits are obtained.

Stay tuned for updates!

How You Can Help

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Naming Opportunities

We invite you to become an important part of the new Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre and our continuing mission of saving birds' lives by lending your name, your family's name or your business to a room or aviary for the life of the building.

Naming opportunities are available from $10,000 and up. For more information, please contact Juliette Marczuk, Chair directly: .

Donor Giving Levels

All donors giving $500 or more will be recognized on a permanent display in the entrance of the new building. All donors giving $100 or more will be acknowledged on the Centre’s website and linked to the annual report.

Other Inquiries: .

Help care for the birds of today and tomorrow.

Donations by Cheque:

Please make your cheque payable to: Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre
P.O. Box 11159 Station "H"
Ottawa, ON K2H 7T9

"Conservation begins with one small act of kindness,
the saving of one life."

- Juliette Marczuk, Chair