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American Goldfinch

Asked Questions

Bird Mortality Chart.png

Researchers have determined that North America has lost 2.9 billion birds since 1970. The net loss being 29%!

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Common Wild Bird Situations & Conflicts

I found a bird's egg. What should I do?

How do I deal with nests in unwanted/inappropriate areas?

How long will a duck nest in my yard?

What do I do if a duck nests in my gated yard?

What should I expect if pigeons nest on my balcony?

How do I prevent birds from nesting in my vents? 

What should I do if a bird is trapped in my vent?

How can I get birds to stop flying into my windows?

Should I be cleaning my bird feeders?

Can I keep, care for or raise a wild bird by myself?

Not in the Ottawa Area?

If you are not in the Ottawa area, or need assistance regarding an  animal other than a bird, search for a licensed wildlife rehabilitator near you:

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