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Bird Emergency
or Found a Bird?

When Does
a Baby Bird Need Help?

Found a baby bird?
Baby Bird Help

Nestlings & Fledglings Identification

Young “fledgling” birds leave the nest before they can fly and spend a period of time on the ground, flightless, as they develop their muscles and plumage. While often of similar size to adults, fledglings can have different colouring and feather markings than their parents. Their tail feathers are still developing and will be shorter than an adult’s. In the case of crows, crow fledglings are often mistaken for adults but can be differentiated by the colour of their eyes, which are initially blue and gradually darken to black as they age. If you are unsure if a bird on the ground is a fledgling or an injured adult, watch from a distance for at least two hours and see if any other birds come down to it.

Robin Fledgling
Robin nestlings

Nestlings & Fledglings

I found a baby bird

What do I do it I see a fledgling bird on the ground or alone?

What do I do with fledglings if I have cats or there are cats in my neighbourhood?

When does a nestling bird need help?

Can I re-nest a baby bird?

How do I care for nestling or fledgling birds before I bring them to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator or while I prepare for re-nesting?

Help an Adult Bird

Adult Birds

I Found an Adult Bird

A bird has flown into my window, what should I do?

What should I do if a bird has been attacked by a cat or other animal?

What should I do if a bird had been hit by a vehicle?

How can I safely capture and handle a bird for rescue?

Ducklings & Goslings

Why is there a duck family walking around my neighbourhood?

How do I escort a duck family away from danger?

How do I help ducklings if they are trapped or stuck?

Should I transport a duck family to a better location?

How do I get ducklings or goslings out of a pool?

What do I do if I find ducklings or goslings without a parent?

How can I care for ducklings or goslings before bringing them to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator?

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