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The Junior Avian Ambassador Program

Promoting environmental stewardship and scientific interest in the natural world by educating children about wild birds.


(Indoors or Out)

Every presentation is a unique hands-on educational experience that raises awareness for wild birds and also helps provide life-saving care for injured wild birds at the Centre! Our presentations are one hour long and begin with a summary of the work we do at the Centre, the common reasons why wild birds become injured, and how our actions in our communities can make a difference. During the presentation, participants will get an up-close look at our live Educational Ambassador bird, Indigo, an American Kestrel. We will share Indigo's unique story and watch him eat a snack. The bulk of the presentation is grade/group-specific and covers aspects of the Ontario Science Curriculum in a unique and fun way. At the end of the presentation, we will discuss how to respectfully observe birds and what to do if you find an injured bird. We also offer additional facilitated activities for a fee, and activity ideas for leaders to expand the group’s learning experience after the presentation. Presentations are available 7 days a week, including evenings. Presentations can be done outdoors, weather permitting.

Presentations are available 7 days a week and evenings. 

FULLY BOOKED until September 2024!


Presentation Fees*

$125 for a one-hour presentation. (book 2 or more on the same day receive a 10% discount) Curriculum-linked, printable activity ideas are provided to teachers/leaders upon request at no charge. *A modest travel fee will be added for distances beyond 25 km from the Centre. Additional facilitated add-on activities available: Each activity requires an additional 30 minutes and is facilitated by our presenter. All materials are provided for up to 30 participants: Owl pellet dissection $50 Bird themed craft $50 Bird walk with binoculars (32 pairs available) $50

If you have any questions or would like to book a presentation for your group, please contact: Patty McLaughlin


Presentation Topics
Elementary Grades

Grade 1 & Kindergarten (Ages 6 and under)

Characteristics of Birds

In this presentation, we will explore the characteristics that define birds, how birds differ from other animals, and the unique features that distinguish different bird species from one another. Children will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities with authentic feathers, wings, beaks, and feet, as well as participate in interactive discussions and games to discover the answers to these questions.

Grade 2 & 3 (Ages 7 - 9)

Adaptations of Beaks, Feet, and Feathers

In this presentation, we'll closely examine unique designs of different bird beaks, feet, and feathers. We'll explore how these adaptations help birds to thrive in their respective environments. Depending on the time of year, we'll focus on topics such as migration, winter survival, or nests/baby birds through discussions and games. We'll pay special attention to learning about the unique adaptations of owls.

Grade 4 - 6 (Ages 9 - 12)

Bird Biodiversity, Habitats & Communities

During this presentation, we will delve deeper into the topic of biodiversity and communities by learning more about bird behaviour, and adaptations. We will explore how each species plays a vital role in their respective habitats, and how different species form communities, that can all thrive in the same ecosystem. Our discussion will cover various topics, including predator/prey relationships, food webs, ecosystem services, and species at risk. Through hands-on exploration of artifacts, photos, and bird identification apps, participants will learn tips and tricks for bird identification in the wild.

Grade 7 & above

Ecosystem Interactions & Bird Identification

During this presentation, participants will learn more about volunteering or working at the Centre through a PowerPoint presentation filled with photos and videos showcasing daily activities. We will discuss the crucial role of wild birds in various ecosystems, bird population trends, reasons for changes, and why our bird observations matter! Participants will explore wings, feet, beaks, and photos, and challenge their bird identification skills using a bird identification app. We will provide tips and tricks on how to complete a bird survey and introduce citizen science projects that are easy to participate in!

Edu-Birds Display

Presentation Topics
Community Groups

Adults (residences, community groups, etc.)

Lighthearted Learning!

Through an engaging PowerPoint presentation filled with pictures and videos of birds at the Centre, your group will learn about the history of the Centre, what it is like caring for over 3,000 injured birds each year, and interesting stories and facts about our patients. The remaining part of the presentation can be customized to meet the interests of your group from learning backyard bird identification tips, ways we can help our feathered friends, and of course, answering all your wild bird questions.

Junior Ambassador for Birds Missions

Download/Print Bird ID Pocket Guides:
Backyard Bird ID
Winter Bird ID


Want to do more for the birds?

Complete one of the 10 Junior Avian Ambassador Missions to help your backyard birds and earn an official Junior Avian Ambassador pin and certificate!

Find out more, click to view missions:

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