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Welcome Future Junior Avian Ambassadors!

The Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre cares for any injured, orphaned, or sick wild birds until they can be released back into the wild. If you ever think you have found an injured bird please check our webpage under Bird Emergency or contact us for ways you can help.

This page is dedicated to bird loving kids that want to help the birds they see around them! It is hard to be a wild bird, there are many dangers such as windows, cars, and pollution and it is just tough some days to find food, nesting material, and a safe place to keep warm overnight!

We have come up with 10 missions that you can do to help the birds in your backyard. It is going to take a bit of work but if you succeed in completing one of the missions you will not only be helping your backyard bird survive in the wild, you will also receive an official Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre Junior Avian Ambassador pin and certificate you can show off to your friends.

To find out more, contact Patty:

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