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Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Calling all amateur photographers...

Our Annual Photo Contest will be open for submissions starting May 1, 2024!

For the third year in a row, we are excited to invite our talented Ottawa Valley community to submit their best photos to help us tell the story of the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre in our 2025 calendar.

e invite you to celebrate birds by sharing your favorite photos with us.


Our volunteer judges will be looking for a variety of unique captures of birds that align with the following themes:

  • Season Highlights (spring, summer, fall, winter)

  • Aquatic Life

  • Urban Birds

  • Majestic Wonders


Our judges will be giving careful consideration to each and every photo with a critical eye to species, behaviour, clarity, camera control, composition, aesthetic appeal and overall visual impact.

If your photo is selected as one of the top three winning photos, you could receive one of the incredible prizes donated by one of our sponsors.

  • Amateur (18 and over)

  • Youth (under 18)


Please respect the Birding Code of Ethics when birding and taking photographs: Birds Canada Code of Birding Ethics.

Please note that we will not accept any photos of nesting wild birds or any bird that we believe was captured unethically.


Rules & Regulations

General & Eligibility

These Rules and Regulations ("Rules") apply to all matters relating to the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre's Calendar Photo Contest (the "Contest"). By submitting a photograph to this Contest, all entrants agree to be bound by these Rules.

Photographs to be featured in the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre's annual calendar will be selected by a panel of volunteer adjudicators. Submissions will be accepted between May 1, 2024 and June 15, 2024. (See deadline submissions below.)

This Contest is open to amateur photographers, who are not employees of, or relatives of any employees of Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre. Photographs must feature a wild bird species that can be found in Ontario and the Ottawa region.

Entrants must confirm their photographs have been taken in accordance with the Birds Canada Code of Birding Ethics.

Digital Photograph Submission Specifications

Only digital versions of photographs will be accepted. Although cropping of photos, tonal and colour corrections are permitted, the content of the photograph may not be altered. Submission photographs should be no larger than 10 MB in size, in JPEG or PNG format, and landscape orientation. However, if a submission is selected for use in the calendar, entrants must be able to provide a high-resolution version of each photo submitted, maximum JPEG quality with a size of 4400 pixels wide, by 3400 pixels tall (11" X 8.5") at 300 dpi or higher. The high-resolution version of the photograph will be required within 7 days after the successful entrants are notified. Failure to submit a high-resolution photograph as specified will result in forfeiture, and another entrant's photograph will be chosen.

The maximum number of photos allowed per entrant is 5. Any photos submitted by an entrant after the maximum of 5 have been uploaded by an entrant will be disqualified from the contest.


Entrants hereby grant Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre the rights to use the photographs submitted to the contest. Entrants agree to provide the photographs free of charge and royalty-free, and Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre will have the rights to use, modify, publish and distribute the photographs submitted, for the purpose of reproducing them in the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre's calendar, for advertising/promotional material whether in print or digital formats, including, but not limited to posters, brochures, other printed material, electronic media, web pages, and Social Media. Entrants are responsible for any waiver forms or releases and must be made available upon being selected.


The copyright of the photograph is retained by the owner. By submitting a photograph, you are granting Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre a royalty-free, irrevocable and non-exclusive right and license to adapt, use, copy, transmit, publicly display, distribute and create compilations and derivative works from the photographs submitted. If the copyright belongs to a minor (below the age of 18), the child's parent or guardian must agree to the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre's license and use of the photographs as stated in these Rules and provide written permission for the minor to enter the photograph in the Contest. Proof of such permission must be provided upon request.


All successful entrants will receive a complimentary calendar. Additional prizes will be announced shortly.

Personal Information

Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre collects the personal information from all entrants in order to administer the Contest. Such information will not be disclosed to any third parties, except as required by law.

Deadline for Submissions

All submissions must be received by 11:59PM on June 15, 2024. 

Submit your photographs through this entry form (Gmail account required).

Submissions will not be accepted before the contest start date of May 1st and or after the deadline of June, 15, 2024, 11:59 PM.

Submission form:

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