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Found a Baby Bird

Found a Wild Bird Needing Help?

The Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, exclusively dedicated to wild birds.

Please call the Centre if you have found an injured wild bird 613-854-2849 first, before bringing a bird to our facility so that we can properly triage your specific case. 

NEW Hours of operation: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM seven days a week, including holidays. 



(613) 854-2849

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 11159 STN "H"

Nepean, ON   K2H 7T9


Please call the Centre at 613-854-2849 before bringing a bird to our facility so that we can properly triage your specific case.

C-822 Cedarview Road, Nepean, ON


Please  note that emails are for non-emergency inquiries only.

If you are inquiring about a bird emergency, please phone us.

Inquiring about a patient? Due to the high volume of inquiries, we provide updates via email only:

*Avian Influenza 2023 Precautions

The Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre recognizes that Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) continues to spread amongst global wild bird populations including in Ontario. We continue to operate in accordance with government guidelines for wildlife rehabilitation facilities with enhanced biosecurity measures. 

  • We ARE accepting injured, sick or orphaned songbirds and raptors, and some aquatic birds, but each case is triaged over the phone first.

  • We ARE accepting Wood Ducklings and Mergansers. See our limitations page for identification: Waterfowl ID.

  • We ARE NOT able to accept certain types ducks, geese, or swans at this time. Call us for further assistance.

  • We ARE asking that you please call us if you have found a young duckling or goose for further advice.

  • We ARE asking the public to refrain from rescuing or dropping off ANY bird exhibiting HPAI symptoms (includes neurological signs such as head tilting, unbalanced/uncoordinated, discharge from eyes/nose/mouth, respiratory distress sounds or found near other dead birds).

Please refrain from rescuing or dropping off ANY bird exhibiting HPAI symptoms (see our HPAI section for details). 


If you encounter a sick or dead wild bird, please contact the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative by phone (866-673-4781) or report online:

Birds Originating from Quebec

Please note that we operate under strict government regulations. Under our permit, we are unable to treat certain protected bird species originating from Quebec without prior approval from a Quebec game warden. If you found an injured bird in Quebec, please call the centre as we may direct you to a someone who operates in that province for assistance.

Off-site Rescues or Pickups

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources for off-site rescues or to pick up injured birds.

Not in the Ottawa Area?

If you are not in the Ottawa area, or need assistance regarding an animal other than a bird, search for a licensed wildlife rehabilitator near you:

Domestic, Pet Birds

Government regulations prohibit us from taking in domestic birds. For pet birds, please contact the Ottawa Humane Society. For other domestic birds, please call your local veterinary office for assistance.

Mammals, Bats or Turtles

If you require assistance with mammals, bats, or turtles, please contact the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary at 613-258-9480.  If you require assistance with mammals or bats, please contact Holly’s Haven at 613-416-9641.

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