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Provide a Food Source

Birds need to eat often! We can help birds find food in various ways.

Birds are very small animals that need to eat often! As we grow our cities and build more schools, parks, and shopping malls, we are taking away forests that provide a lot of food for birds. We can help birds find food by:

  1. Planting a natural food source such as a native plant that produces berries, fruits, or seeds. Flowers can also be planted as a food source for Hummingbirds. Your one-time effort will provide food and shelter for birds for many years! For advice on how to plant an urban garden for birds see:

  2. Put up a Hummingbird feeder. A basic feeder and food can be found at many dollar stores but it is better to make your own food than to buy the dyed store brand.

    1. Hummingbird food: 1 part sugar, 4 parts warm water.

    2. Tip: Place your feeder in a shaded area. The hot afternoon sun will make the food go bad very quickly.

  3. Make and put up a bird feeder! Birds are not too picky and do not need a fancy store bought feeder. You can make one at home out of recycled materials.

  4. Make a suet feeder! Suet feeders are a great food source for birds in the winter and can be made using pine cones, toilet paper rolls or you can just spread suet onto tree bark.

    1. Suet can be made many ways but the main ingredients are:

      1. Fat (beef fat, lard) or any kind of nut butter

      2. Bird seed especially black oiled sunflower seeds

      3. Dried fruits, cornmeal, or oats can also be added

      4. Mix the ingredients together and spread them on your pinecone, toilet paper roll and then hang outside.

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